Dolls House Building Materials

Results: 1 - 23 (of 23)

Results: 1 - 23 (of 23)

Indulge your creative side and pull together a project you’ll cherish forever with Hobbies’ selection of building materials for dolls houses. Whether you’re starting your dolls house from scratch or want to embellish an existing model to truly make it your own, there are no limits on your imagination with the right materials for the job.

From roofing to glues, mouldings, tiles and more, we’ve got the doll house building materials you need to make any project possible.

All of our building materials come from high-quality, trusted manufacturers like Deluxe Materials and Streets Ahead, so you know that your dolls house will stand the test of time.

Our wide range of specialist glues and adhesives are made for purpose and come with an easy-to-decipher reference guide to help you assemble every last piece of your dolls house. Make sure all your building materials are tightly held together with their high-quality formulas.

Build or replace a totally unique roof with our roof tiles and pieces. Our range of tiles mimic the finest roofing, including stone, brick, wooden and slate. Alternatively, you could create a sturdy roof and then paint over the slabs for a finished look that feels unique to you.