1/12th Dolls House Bathroom Furniture

Results: 1 - 32 (of 50)

Results: 1 - 32 (of 50)

Dolls House Bathrooms

It’s the most essential room in the house, and can easily be the most beautiful with any of our ceramic bathroom sets. Our sets contain a bath, a toilet and a sink and come in a wide variety of styles – from a modern day corner bath, to a classic footed bath with gold parts, to the more traditional, floral designs.

Yet no bathroom is complete without all of the necessary toiletries, towels and equipment. Create a real sense of everyday life with our 12th scale soaps and soap dishes, wet shave utensils and toothbrush and toothpaste sets. Why not try decorating your dolls house bathroom with 12th scale rubber ducks and make bath time fun? Or how about giving your modern day household the necessary electronics it needs, with our 12th scale hair dryer set?

Whether your dolls house is in a grand, Victorian style mansion or a modern day manor, your bathroom can match the look and feel of the rest of your miniature home.