1/12th Dolls House Kitchen Furniture

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Results: 1 - 32 (of 349)



Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in the house, so your dolls house kitchen is an essential to get right. With various furniture and appliances, creating the perfect dolls house kitchen is easy, and we at Hobbies stock a variety of different styles in 12th scale miniature for arranging in your kitchen.

Food and Drink

Lavish and beautiful miniature meals are a colourful addition to any dolls house scene. We sell branded packages in 12th scale for stocking your dolls house kitchen cupboard with familiar brands, as well as miniature meals on plates, ready for serving at your banquet, Sunday roast or mid-afternoon tea. Getting the party started is easy with our collection of different miniature spirit and wine bottles, which can be used as decoration on shelving, or out on tables at your dolls’ parties.

Household Appliances

Whether your dolls house is up-to-date and modern, or an old fashioned emporium of vintage furniture, we will have the right style appliances for your kitchen. If you need 20th century style inventions such as a washing machine, dish washer or refrigerator, we stock 12th scale models of all of these items, perfect for your kitchen. Yet if you prefer a rustic Victorian style oven, stove or aga, we sell a variety of 12th scale sets in different colours and designs for the perfect kitchen experience.

Cleaning and Laundry

Create a sense of everyday life in your dolls house with various 12th scale laundry items. From irons, ironing boards and laundry baskets to more obscure and traditional cleaning utensils such as a mangle, our miniature laundry supplies are sure to add a sense of reality to your dolls house. We even stock 12th scale branded detergent and soap, and vacuum cleaners, for homes with electricity and modern décor.

Tea Sets

There’s nothing better than a 4 o’clock tea with a splendid china tea set. Our 12th scale designs come in an array of beautiful colours and patterns and will give your dolls house an added element of beauty and class. These wonderful miniature crockery sets are a perfect addition to any kitchen, whether they are for serving tiny meals or displaying on shelving in your dolls house dining room, you’re sure to be pleased with these elegant pieces.

Utensils, Cutlery and Accessories

Crockery and cutlery are an essential in any dolls house, for serving family meals or for having guests over for tea. We stock a wide variety of sets, including glass ware, drinking cups and cutlery sets, as well as individual items such as baking pots, water jugs and trays.