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Results: 1 - 19 (of 19)

A gorgeous carpet or rug can completely transform the feel of your doll’s house when decorating. Make yours feel like home by throwing down a stylish, ornate rug or laying a comfortable carpet that sets the mood of every room. From homely to luxurious, Hobbies have a selection of dollhouse carpets to perfect your miniature home’s interiors and make your characters feel as comfortable as possible.

Hobbies have dollhouse carpets in a number of shades to suit any model imaginable, including pink, cream, mushroom and plum, among others. Meanwhile, our beautifully detailed 12th scale Turkish carpets are available in red, blue, gold, green and red, turquoise and brown.

We also have stunning edged stair carpets in a variety of patterns and designs to give your home that elegant, period feeling. Allow your characters to lead the life of luxury and leave no area in your home undecorated by laying down one of these traditional stair dollhouse carpets in navy and gold, red and black or red and cream, with different motifs to choose from.

All of our products come from leading manufacturers including Dolls House Emporium and Streets Ahead, so will look great in your doll’s house for years to come.