Radio Controlled Model Boats

Results: 1 - 32 (of 103)

Results: 1 - 32 (of 103)

Whether it is for racing, for fun or just to admire, radio controlled boats are a fun hobby for adults and children. Radio controlled boats allow for great motion and smooth running, and are a fantastic hobby to take up if you are not already interested. Admire your radio controlled boat as it glides smoothly across still water, or race it with yours friends.

We at Hobbies stock a wide variety of styles of model boat, from fishing boats and yachts to ferry style boats and even a model Titanic. Our model boat kits are fun to build, but always check your specifications.

To make your boat radio controlled so that you can sail it on water, do not forget to buy a radio controller. We stock a variety of hand held radio control units which are easy to use and allow for a great variety of speed and steering.

Assembly is easy, and all of our products come with instructions and specifications on how to build, paint and customise them. Motors may be sold seperately, so check before you buy. Why not create an astonishing radio controlled boat from one of our kits, or gift an aspiring sailor in your life with a model replica that they can sail on water?

Customising is a great way of personalising your radio control model boat. At Hobbies we stock a range of flags, decals and vinyl stickers so that your boat does not need to look exactly like the kit. If you want to take your model boat to the next level, why not add some of our ship accessories, boat fittings, or swap out parts of the kit to suit your style? Maybe add a captain or a fisherman to your boat, and give it that extra bit of life, with one of our boat figurines.