Model Making Supplies and Materials

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Welcome to the Hobbies model making supplies section. We stock the finest materials by the finest brands to ensure your next model is one that’s built to last. Perfect for model makers and craft projects. To help you find what you need, we’ve split this section into the following categories: clocks and musical movements, diorama scenery, display cases, electrical, finishing products , fixings and hinges, flags and decals, glues and fillers, metals, miscellaneous, plastics, wheels and fixings and wood.

Results: 1 - 32 (of 931)

Results: 1 - 32 (of 931)

Provided below is further information on the categories of model making materials we stock.

We have a range of precise clocks and musical movements to help keep your projects on time. What’s more, we stock pairs of hands that fit any of our clock movements and are available in multiple colours. We also supply thermometers and barometers, so you can create your own weather stations.

If you’re looking to add lifelike nature details to your model, then our diorama scenery is perfect for you. We stock grass, foliage, trees, lichen, terrain, weathering effects and so much more.

You’ve worked hard to produce your latest masterpiece, so why not show it off in one of our crystal-clear display cases? They’re made by Trumpeter, renowned experts in the field of model making.

Power up your model with our electrical products. We stock lights, batteries, switches, wires and a wide range of hardware accessories.

Our finishing products are perfect for applying the finishing touches to your model. We stock craft products for filing, sanding, sealing, staining and dyeing, stripping and varnishing, among others.

Our fixings and hinges section includes all the nuts and bolts (both literally and metaphorically!) that you need for your next project. We stock durable clasps, hangers and brackets, hinges, hook and eye catches, magnetic fixings, pins and screws.

Under flags and decals, we have a wide range of cotton and vinyl products that are made by Becc Flags. They are intricately drawn and detailed.

We stock the finest glues and fillers to ensure your model holds together and stands the test of time. Our selection of adhesives includes brands like Titebond and Deluxe Materials.

In our metals section, we’re pleased to offer you a range of products by K & S Metals, who have been in the business of manufacturing high-quality metal products for over 60 years. We stock aluminium, brass, copper, stainless steel and tin-plated products such as rods, sheets, strips and angles, tubes, and tube-cutters and tube-benders.

Visit our miscellaneous section to browse our range of accessories and products that could become your next model project’s most valuable piece.

Our plastics range includes products by Plastruct, the world's leading supplier of plastic scale model parts for miniature scale model building. We stock plastic tubes of all thicknesses and shapes, in various materials including super styrene. We also stock angles, beams, channels, rails, rods and more.

Browse our wheels and fixings section if you’re looking for plastic or wooden wheels to get your model rolling along nicely. They’re available in a range of sizes and colours and are a Hobbies favourite! In addition to wheels, we stock axles and spring caps, which are ideal for making toys, prams or even go-karts.

Under wood, we stock quality birch plywood, MDF and lite ply in various size sheets. Mahogany, spruce, walnut, obeche, balsa and basswood are available in panels or stripwood. Our assorted veneer packs are perfect for marquetry. We also stock a selection of wood turnings, wooden balls, buttons, axle pegs and hardwood dowels.

Please get in touch with us if we are missing something from your wishlist, and we’ll be happy to help out in any way that we can.