Doll House Wallpaper

Results: 1 - 32 (of 67)

Results: 1 - 32 (of 67)

Give your dolls house the quality and colour it deserves to stand out with any of our rich and vibrant wallpapers. Interior wallpapers add a beautiful background which create a sense of character in your dolls house scenes, make miniatures colourful, exciting toys for children and adults alike!

We offer dollhouse wallpaper to suit all kinds of rooms, houses and personal styles, whether you’re decorating a period property or a modern beach house. Choose from interesting, modern patterns, plain colours, Victorian-style filigree, jazzy polka dot or simple pinstripe to bring your dolls house to life. We even have 3D wallpaper to give the illusion of another room or piece of furniture against a back wall, such as a library or bookshelf.

Always make sure your dollhouse wallpaper of choice, whatever design you go with, is stuck on your dolls house’s wall for good. We all know how fiddly it can be gluing corners back down after assembly if they start peeling. Stick it down with our specialist dollhouse wallpaper paste and you may never have to think about it again!

Hobbies don’t just believe in quality of style, but of manufacturing as well. That’s why we work with leading brands such as Decorative Materials, Streets Ahead and Dolls House Emporium to give our customers the very best in dollhouse wallpaper.