Dolls House Emporium

Welcome to the Hobbies online shop for Dolls House Emporium Miniatures. Here you will find a great selected of 1/12th scale dolls house miniatures. All of the products are finely detailed 1:12 scale models designed for adult collectors. The Dolls House Emporium dolls houses are exquisite and elegant scale model kits with simple construction for an enjoyable build. Check out the always popular Classical Georgian-style Dolls House with central staircase and opening front panels to enhance the elegant facade. Or the Lake View Dolls House Mansion. This interesting dolls house mansion was made in a modern design, and has seven rooms and four floors for great versatility of space and decoration. Doll's House Emporium are renowned for their fantastic dolls house products so why not browse through the doll’s house furniture and accessories. These added extras are the perfect way to furnish your dolls house to suit you. Dolls House Furniture, Acessories, 12V and LED lights, Christmas Decorations (including a snowman and Father Christmas), Fireplaces, Garden Furniture and much more!