Welcome to the Hobbies online shop for HobbyZone. HobbyZone produce a range of paints stands, workshop organisers, transport cases and building slips designed to improve your model making working conditions and keep the work space clean and tidy. Check out the famous Modular Workshop System – the ultimate organisational workplace tailored to your needs. It has almost unlimited upgradeability. Even after years, you will be able to make your workshop larger, using new modules that will fit perfectly to your system. The Benchtop Organiser is a must have piece of equipment – it’s almost an entire work station by itself and will ensure you always have a clean and tidy work area (no more missing tools!). The paint stands are the perfect solution to keep order while painting models, with different sized paint stands designed to suit a number of paints, including: Revell, Tamiya, Vallejo and many more.