Doll House Skirting Boards

Results: 1 - 4 (of 4)

Results: 1 - 4 (of 4)


Have every detail of your miniature home perfect down to the mouldings and dolls house skirting boards. Whether it’s your personal aesthetic that you’re trying to convey, a tiny bit of character or you’re simply trying to stay true to the house’s time period, these dolls house skirting boards will help complete your model’s interiors and really pull the rooms together.

Simple additions to a dolls house which already exists or the perfect detail on a project built from scratch, Hobbies’ range of dolls house skirting boards will give your property the finishing touches it needs. We have skirting boards in a number of colours, including mahogany, light wood and white.

Our products are easy to cut to fit your dolls house, and if you have a particularly steady hand, you might even be tempted to carve a bit of your own personal flair into the wood. These dolls house skirting boards come in packs of six, so you can buy as many or as little as you need depending on the size of your miniature home.

Dolls house skirting boards aren’t something you want to be replacing every few years, so we work with trusted manufacturers like Streets Ahead and Dolls House Emporium to get the best possible quality for our customers.