At Hobbies we are proud to be stocking a great selection of Veritas tools, these tool really look the part at home or in the workshop, With a great selection available to see and purchase at in out Norfolk Shop.

Veritas Tools is a world leader in woodworking tool design innovation with a range that includes woodworking planes, sharpening equipment, marking and measuring tools, router tables, drilling accessories, and more. They really do meet the needs of discerning woodworkers.

With over 100+ Veritas tools and accessories, Hobbies really do have it all. Check out the Veritas MK.2 Honing Guide System – a Hobbies Bestseller – The main feature of the Veritas Mk.II is its blade registration system squaring and setting the blade in one easy step. How about Veritas Chair Doctor Glue? Chair Doctor Glue does exactly what the name implies - it fixes chairs. If a chair has a loose rung an injection of Chair Doctor Glue will first swell the rung and then bond it in position. The secret is the low viscosity. It soaks into the end grain, swells the wood then 'freezes' the wood in its swollen state as it cures. Don’t forgot the Veritas Dovetail Markers for softwood and hardwood. These are the best tool available for quick and accurate marking of dovetails.

Browse the entire range and you’ll be sure to find a woodworking essential!