FREE PLAN: Model Sailing Yacht ‘Challenger’

6 September 2017 by

A simpler design more directly suited for sailing on open water, the Challenger is a simple but rugged hull design with a full keel that can be sailed on ponds, rivers and model boating lakes. Instructions for a mast, rigging and sails have sadly been lost to the archives, but we recommend a light cloth or even paper sail, and dowel and string for rigging. Small boats like this are great for training aspiring sailors without having to get a full boat out, as they can be rigged in the same way and in a variety of configurations.

We recommend building this design of light but waterproof wood, and varnishing thoroughly to ensure that it's waterproof. Hobbies can provide waterproof glue, varnish and paints as well as wood and materials to make sails. This guide might be useful if you're looking to rig the model properly