FREE PLAN: Miniature Wheelbarrow Vase Holder

6 September 2017 by

A more practical design for those looking to spruce up their house a bit or add some colour to their kitchen. This holder holds three plant pots of reasonable size, and is modelled after an old gardening wheelbarrow. Despite its three-legged design it’s pretty stable and solid if properly put together using the right hardwood.

We advise using this design as a guide but selecting your own size based on the pots you have available. Alternatively, try sizing it to use as a bottle holder for beer and wine bottles, or even building a miniature version as a desk tidy.

To retrieve this plan, either right-click on the image, save it and then download it to print (we suggest A3 paper or several sides of A4 if you've got it, although the design works at any scale). We suggest building this design with a sturdy wood and varnishing it to ensure its stability. Hobbies' craft section should be able to supply you with everything you'll need to get started.