Dolls House Plans & Books

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Results: 1 - 2 (of 2)

Dolls House Books and Plans

Dolls House Books

If you’re struggling for inspiration or need tips and advice, we have the perfect solution for you. Here at Hobbies we offer a range of specialised books on dolls house crafts. Try your hand at making miniature food, or pick up a book on a select era you are interested in, for information on creating an authentic period dolls house. Pick up a copy of this year’s catalogue for all the latest information and products in dolls house collecting, or get some inspiration for your own projects from our project guides.

Dolls House Plans

If you want to put together your own dolls house, we offer a wide range of dolls house plans and associated fitting and wood packs. You can build your own dolls house from the ground up and create your own designs. Available in a variety of models and period architectural styles, our plans are easy to follow and simple to put together, but still giving you all of the satisfaction of building your own dolls house.

We also offer furniture plans for young children to put together their own dolls house furniture, making the perfect craft gift. For more complicated activities, we have the dolls house spiral staircase design plan, to add a twist to a traditional staircase.