Deluxe Materials Specialist Dolls House Glues

28 April 2015 by

Deluxe Materials

A comprehensive list of specialist glues and special effects for dolls houses and miniature scenes and dioramas from Deluxe Materials.

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rocket supergluetacky gluedecorator gluetacky waxspeed epoxy

Tacky Wax 28g. AD29Wax adhesive for temporarily holding miniatures in place. Allows repositioning.

Tacky Glue 112g Bottle AD27Fast grab. Dries clear & flexible. Contains superior etching agents that permit adhesion to synthetic fabrics, painted and varnished wood & most plastics.

Rocket Hot 20g AD43Super-thin instant superglue for tight joints on wood, metal and plastic. Sets in 1 second

Rocket Rapid 20g AD44Medium viscosity superglue. Sets in 5-10 seconds.

Rocket Max 20g AD45Thick non-runny, gap filling superglue. Sets in 20 seconds

Decorator Glue 100ml AD26Extra thick, tacky glue with instant hold for tight corners. Bonds fabric, leather, silk, paper, plaster, glass & wood

Glue ‘n’ Glaze 50ml AD55For bonding clear dollshouse window plastic to painted/unpainted wood/plastic frames without marking.

Fray Stay AD30 50mlInvisible glue that stops fraying of fabric. Works on all plastics

Speed Epoxy II 71g twin pack AD66High strength glue that sets in 4-5mins. Bonds metal, wood and where extra strength is required across gaps.

Roket Card Glue 50ml AD57Clean, neat, instant card glue. Also bonds plastic & wood. Fantastic on leather, leather to wood.

Wallpaper Paste 250ml  AD32Ready mixed paste. Non-staining dries clear and does not attach copper tape/wiring.

Speedbond 112g AD10 - Fast drying modellers PVA glue for all woods. Easy to sand.

card gluefray stayglueglazerocket supergluetacky glue

Scenic Water 250ml BD22 – Remeltable resin for simulating liquids, jellies, bathwater, sinks etc.

scenic Water

Solid Water 50ml BD3490ml BD35 – Crystal clear 2 pack resin kit for simulating water in fish tanks etc. Low odour, easy to use and sets hard.

Scenic Rust BD27 – kit of materials to create real rust on all paintable materials: wood, plastic, metal etc.

scenic rust

Scenic Shovelled Snow BD26 – Unique snow flake for creation of snow piles, drifts, and wind blown snow. Mix with PVA glue to make snow balls and snowmen. Use with liquid Fimo to make icing sugar and cheesecake mix.

Scenic Snow Kit BD29 Kit for the creation of dramatic snow scenes in minutes. Covers 0.5 sqm.

Snow Scene