1/12th Dolls House Decorating Materials

Results: 1 - 32 (of 351)

Results: 1 - 32 (of 351)

Decorating and Building Materials

Wallpaper and Flooring

Find the perfect floor for whatever room, here at Hobbies. Whether you need suede feel carpets, self-adhesive for easy application, or wood flooring paper for a simple look, we will have what is right for you. Try a sense of realism with a real wood floor covering for dolls houses, with 1:12 ratio panels to match the rest of your dolls house. We also offer tile sheets for bathrooms and kitchens, so you can have the correct flooring for your rooms.

Give your floors a little extra colouring with a throw down rug in a Turkish or round style, or have a deep pile carpet for softer floors. In rich colours or lighter shades, our flooring range is sure to cover your needs.

If you are painting one of our unfinished dolls house sets, you may wish to consider a brick or stone effect. Our dolls house exterior wallpapers come in a variety of shades and styles, from a neat red brick, to authentic looking stone walls. Using our 12th scale patterns, it is easy to create a realistic external to your dolls house, and make it that much more impressive.

Why not give your dolls house the colour and quality that it needs, with any of our rich and vibrant wallpapers? Interior wallpapers add a beautiful background with which to create interesting dolls house scenes, and make play houses colourful and exciting for children. We offer wallpaper to suit every room, with interesting patterns or plain colours for any room and any aesthetic. From rich Victorian-style filigree, jazzy polka dot or simple pinstripe, to more picturesque designs, our easy to apply wallpaper is sure to make your dolls house more visually appealing.

Glues and Scenic Products

No miniaturist’s kit is complete without the appropriate materials to create realistic and beautiful landscapes as a backdrop to their dolls house. We offer different seasonal shades of grass and our Deluxe Materials Scenic Snow kit is sure to please when creating festive winter scenes. Why not try one of our scenic and solid water kits to create ponds or lakes or even oceans, with waves and sand, for a holiday destination?

Our wide range of made-for-purpose glues are easily deciphered with the reference guide to help you assemble your dolls house and create perfect scenery. Why not enhance your scene with a few of our trees, or our many coloured scatter, for varied textures and heights?

Stair Cases and Mouldings

Add a decorative finesse to your dolls house with stylish moulding and elegant architectural additions, such as skirting, architraves or cornices. These simple additions will give your dolls house the appropriate decoration associated with the historical period you are trying to create.

Our outdoor ornaments are also perfect for the exterior of your dolls house and adding interest to plain walls. Embellish your dolls house exterior with wall panels, trellises and fences, for a charming external look.

Your dolls will also need to get from floor to floor, so ensure you add a staircase to your dolls house if you’ve built it from scratch. Our 12th scale dolls house staircases are unpainted and plain, to allow you to fit them perfectly into your house and match them with their surroundings.


Roof decorations are a great addition to your dolls house, giving it character and flair. Use our roofing paper for an all over covering in a colour of your choice, and add decorative chimneys, tiles and strips for more interesting look. With just a little work you can take you dolls house to a whole new level in appearance. Create a fresh look of a newly built house with cleaner wall paper and symmetrical tiling, or make your house appear older with distressed chimneys. All of our roofing paper is high quality to ensure easy application and long lasting wear.

Why not try our shingle roof tiles pieces, for creating a more realistic looking roof with the same three-dimensional affect as real life? Use the 12th scale wooden panels to create a gorgeous textured roof that can then be painted to any colour.

Windows and Doors

Whether you are fitting a front door, a back door or an internal door, getting the correct model is crucial. All of our doors come with frames to make installation a breeze and easily swing open and closed for added realism. At Hobbies, we also stock a selection of door handles and door knobs, ready to be fitted onto your dolls house door. Our 12th scale dolls house doors are also ideal for creating fairy doors in your home and garden.

Windows with plastic or glass panes make for a wonderful front of your dolls house, letting just little glimpses of the rooms inside be seen. Alongside our range of windows, we offer multiple patterns of curtains and curtain poles that will allow your curtains to open and close. If you want to make your own windows from scratch, we offer some of the supplies to do so, such as plastic ‘glass’ sheets, for you to create any effect you want.