Trumpeter USS Hopper DDG-70 Missile Destroyer

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Trumpeter USS Hopper DDG-70 Missile Destroyer (TM04525)
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Starter Paint Pack 8 x 17ml Pots (VP04525)
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  • Scale 1:350
  • Length: 439.5mm
  • Beam: 65mm
  • Total Parts 483pcs

Trumpeter USS Hopper DDG-70 Missile Destroyer

USS Hopper (DDG-70) is an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer in the United States Navy.

RADM Grace Murray Hopper, USN. In 1946, while as a research fellow in Harvard's Computation Laboratory, she worked on the Navy's Mark II and Mark III computers.

She coined the term "bug," when she removed a moth from the switching contacts of the Mark II.

She was the first Naval Reserve Woman in history recalled to active duty on 1 August 1967.




Starter Paint Pack Includes:

8 x 17ml Vallejo model paints. Vallejo paints are supplied in plastic bottles of 17ml with an eyedropper device which keeps paint from drying and prevents spills. The model color range has been specifically developed for adherence on difficult surfaces such as metal and plastic, but the product is not toxic, not flammable, and does not give off noxious fumes.