Rotacraft 60 Piece Cutting and Grinding Set

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Rotacraft 60 Piece Cutting And Grinding Set (RC9005)
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-2 diamond discs 22mm; 
-2 diamond discs 15mm; 
-2 circ.saw blades 22mm; 
-2 circ.saw blades 15mm; 
-5 carborundum cutting discs 30mm; 
-6 grinding stones 3mm - 2 round, 2 wheel, 2 cylinder; 
-5 grinding stones 2.35mm - 1 each 
(round, wheel, taper, cylinder, reverse taper); 
-4 coarse 20mm grinding wheels; 
-4 fine grinding wheels 20mm; 
-25 carborundum cutting discs 22mm; 
-3 mandrels 3.2mm

For various cutting and preparatory tasks on smaller work pieces