Veritas Joint and Edger

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Veritas Joint and Edger (600304)
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Veritas Joint & Edger

  • Dual purpose
  • Topping off teeth prior to re-sharpening
  • Provides an accurate guide for filing edges of cabinet scrapers
  • 45 guide face for sharpening scraper and plane blades

Serving the dual purposes of topping off the teeth of a hand saw prior to re-sharpening, and providing an accurate guide for filing the edges of cabinet scrapers. A file with a maximum thickness of 4.7mm, typically a 150mm second cut hand file, is clamped into the guide and run across the saw teeth or the scraper to produce an even and square result. The 45 guide face enables other scraper blades to be sharpened. Another use for this versatile tool is for keeping your ski edges nice and sharp; how versatile can you get?