Tamiya Churchill Mk.VII Crocodile

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Churchill Mk.VII Crocodile Kit (32594)
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A Fearsome Beast
The Mk.VII British Churchill infantry tank was manufactured from late 1943, its 75mm gun and improved armor making it an offensive and defensive upgrade over preceding variants as the Mk.VII proved its worth in the aftermath of the Normandy landings and onward. The Mk.VII Crocodile was a version with an 80-meter range flamethrower in place of the front machine gun, and trailer for fuel and compressed nitrogen propellant; it promised to strike fear into the heart of the enemy.

About the Model
★This is a 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit which can be assembled as the Mk.VII infantry tank or Mk.VII Crocodile.
★Length: 250mm (Crocodile); 156mm (Mk.VII infantry tank), width: 72mm.
★The functional form of the vehicles is accurately captured in compact 1/48.
★Assembly type tracks feature one-piece straight sections.
★Comes with a commander torso figure and two marking options.
★Hull weights give the completed model a realistic, heavy feel