AFV Club Israeli Defence Force Sho't Kal Gimel Tank With Blazer Explosive Reactive Armour 1:35 Scale

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Afv Club Idf Sho't Kal Gimel (AF35267)
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Deluxe Materials Plastic Magic Cement (AD83)
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AFV Club 1/35 IDF Sho't Kal Gimel 1982 Centurion With Blazer Explosive Reactive Armour

  • 1:35 Scale
  • New tooling of reactive-armour and smoke dischargers.
  • New tooling parts of Commanders Cupola, exhaust pipe and gun barrel travel lock
  • Metal gun barrel with rifling included
  • Realistic and paintable rubber outer rim tyres with circumferential ribbing inside the rim
  • New tooling M1919 .30 cal machine gun FN MAG58 machine gun, Uzi submachine gun, Galil assault rifle, and Mortar included
  • Anti-dust cover for smoke dischargers, barrel and gun shield made of rubber included
  • New tooling ammo box, stretchers, extinguishers, DS2 decontaminating apparatus included
  • Gun can be built in firing / travelling positions
  • Photo etched parts included

Israel's formerly British Centurions, bought in the late 1960s, were renamed "Sho't" ("scourge" or "whip") by the Israelis and heavily upgraded following their purchase.

During the invasion of the Syrian army into the Golan Heights during the Yom Kippur war, two damaged Centurion Sho't tanks engaged approximately 150 Syrian T-55/T-62 tanks. In the course of the following 30 hour tank battle, the two tanks knocked out over 60 tanks. The destruction of this entire armoured division forced the Syrian army to halt their advance.

Sho't Kal tanks were later equipped with explosive reactive armour (ERA) which was very effective against shaped charge warheads. The first time ERA was used was in the 1982 Lebanon War. In the urban battles of Beirut, many Sho't Kal tanks were hit by rocket-propelled grenades (RPG) but they still maintained their combat capability.

Deluxe Materials Plastic Magic Cement 40ml (AD83)

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