Tamiya Mercedes-Benz Actros 3363 6x4 GigaSpace 1:14 Scale R C Tractor Truck

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Tamiya Mercedes-Benz Actros 3363 6x4 GigaSpace 1:14 Scale R C Tractor Truck (56348)
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Truck Radio Package (TRP)
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Flat Bed Semi Trailer Kit (56306)
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This is a highly accurate 1:14 scale radio control model that recreates the Mercedes Benz Actros 3363 3-axle truck. Powered by a 15.6 Litre inline-6 turbo-charged diesel putting out a max of 630hp, the actual 3363 can haul up to 250 tons! 

The Tamiya rendition faithfully captures the trucks' modern form with the use of ABS plastic body parts and a number of metal chassis components. One look at the detailed interior and auxiliary equipment, such as air tanks, will confirm that the body features replica-quality realism, which is further enhanced with metal transfers depicting emblems and numerous metal-plated parts. The chassis is built for durability as it uses aluminum side channels with resin cross members. Drivability is accomplished by power from the front-mounted motor and is transmitted via a propeller shaft to the rear axle; built-in differential gears guarantee smooth cornering.

The Actros' realism can be further heightened with separately-available trailers that can be attached to its coupler and make the model over a metre in length!

Product Details:
Scale 1/14
Construction type Assembly kit
Drive-train 3-axle semi Drive type Gearbox
Differential type Gear
Suspension Leaf spring
Shock damper Friction damper
Tyre type Rubber
Tyre tread Radial Road
Body material ABS Plastic
Chassis material Aluminum & plastic
Motor 540-brushed type
Bearings Metal bushings
Adjustable gear ratio 3-speed transmission

Product Specification: 
Length: 538mm, Width: 195mm, height: 305mm

No radio gear or equipment, glue or paint is included. For optimum performance and fun, we strongly recommend the Multi-function unit and Truck Radio Package (which includes radio set, battery, charger and 2 servos)  - both sold seperately. If you do not buy the Multi-function unit you will also need a speed controller.

Truck Radio Package (sold seperately) includes:  6 Channel Radio, Servos, Battery & Charger

Multi-Function Unit (sold seperately) This unit adds a whole extra layer of realism to driving and allows transmitter trim levers to be combined with with stick control use, meaning you can enjoy lights, sounds and vibrations co-ordinated. 




The Tamiya flat bed semi-trailer kit is a popular optional extra. This model's highly realistic appearance is achieved by using authentic components such as aluminium chassis / frame, wood-floored platform and actual chains