Tamiya Repulse British Battle Cruiser 1:700 Scale Model Ship Kit

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Tamiya Repulse British Battle Cruiser 1:700 Scale Model Ship Kit (31617)
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This is a plastic model assembly kit of the British Battle Cruiser Repulse. 1/700, Length 344mm, Width 39mm. The smart slender hull and nicely balanced upper structures captures the style and feeling of this model. The reinforced anti-aircraft armament realistically replicates the wartime setting. The highlight of this model is the exact expression of the bridge deck and its masts. The main gun turrets use polyester caps and are moveable. 3x10.2cm multiple barreled guns, 8 pom-pom guns, anti-aircraft parts also have a sharp finish. Set includes the carrier based airplane the Supermarine Walrus.

Launched in 1916, the H.M.S. Repulse took part in WWI naval actions before being refitted during the inter-war years. When WWII broke out, the Repulse was in the Atlantic, escorting convoys, hunting German commerce raiders, covering Allied forces near Norway, and chasing German capital ships such as the Bismarck. She was then transferred to the Far East as a deterrent against Japanese aggression. Together with the Prince of Wales and 4 destroyers, the Repulse formed Force Z, which sortied from Singapore in December 1941 and was sighted by Japanese aircraft. In the resulting attack, both the Repulse and Prince of Wales were famously sunk, demonstrating that even capital ships were vulnerable to air attack.

1/700 Waterline Series assembly kit model of the H.M.S. Repulse
Highly accurate model depicts the battle cruiser as she appeared when she left Singapore in December 1941
Gun turrets feature polycaps, enabling free rotation even after assembly
Parts for the amphibious Supermarine Walrus reconnaissance plane also included
Pose together with 31615 Prince of Wales and several 31909 E Class Destroyers to recreate the ill-fated Force Z
Finish this model with 85081 TS-81 British Navy Gray spray paint