British HMS X Craft Submarine 1:35 Scale Plastic Model Kit

British HMS X Craft Submarine 1:35 Scale Plastic Model Kit (MM63504)
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Starter Paint Pack 3 x 17ml Pots (VP63504)
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Deluxe Material Plastic Magic Cement (AD83)
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X-Craft was a Midget Submarine developed by the British Royal Navy for Special Warfare.

The submarine with a 4 men crew was 15.9 m long with a maximum diameter of 1.75 m and a displacement of 30 tons.

It was powered by a 42 hp diesel engine for surface sailing and a 30 hp electrical power engine for submerged propulsion.

The boat had 4 watertight compartments and had removable high explosive packs mounted on both sides of the hull.

On September 20, 1943, six X-Craft submarines were used in an attack on German warships in the port in Norway.

Only 2 X-Craft succeed in detonating their loads and inflicted enough damage to German battleship “Tirpitz” and kept her out of commission until April, 1944.

Model Specifications:

  • Length: 448.5mm
  • Beam: 77.2mm
  • Scale: 1:35

Starter Paint Pack Includes:

3 x 17ml Vallejo model paints. Vallejo paints are supplied in plastic bottles of 17ml with an eyedropper device which keeps paint from drying and prevents spills. The model color range has been specifically developed for adherence on difficult surfaces such as metal and plastic, but the product is not toxic, not flammable, and does not give off noxious fumes.

Deluxe Materials Plastic Magic Cement 40ml (AD83)

Plastic Magic Cement is a thin, liquid plastic cement with a 10-15 sec adjustment time & non-clog action. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, has minimal odour and almost zero emissions when compared to competitors.