Caldercraft HMS Cruiser 18-Gun Brig Of War 1797 1:64 Scale Model Kit

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Caldercraft HMS Cruiser Kit (HPS/9001)
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Paint For HMS Cruiser 8 x 18ml Pots (APS9001W)
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Model Makers Glue Pack (MMGP)
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Boat Modelling Tool Set (HOB24)
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The Caldercraft HMS Cruiser kit features:

  • Double plank on bulkhead construction, Keel and bulkheads are CNC cut in Birch ply as are all the major constructional parts. Extensive use of CNC cut Walnut has been employed for the majority of structures and fittings. 
  • The wood pack contains Lime for the first planking, Walnut for the second planking and Tanganyka for the decks.
  • Ramin dowel is supplied for the masts and yards.
  • Scale 6pdr gun carriages, (these include taper, different wheel sizes and quoins) 18 Brass 6pdr guns.
  • The gundeck features an Elm tree pump, pre-cut wood grating kit, pre-cut companionway hatch, Capstan kit, pre-cut pin rails, wooden belaying pins, powder kegs.
  • Rigging thread is supplied in natural and black to rig the model as depicted in the photographs.
  • Blocks, deadeyes, etched brass chainplate assemblies with strops, shroud cleats, trucks, stunsail yard brackets as well as CNC cut Walnut tops, crosstrees, trestle trees, mast caps and a wealth of unique detail parts. 
  • Full size plans and comprehensive instruction book.


  • Scale: 1:64 
  • Length: 850mm 
  • Width: 310mm 
  • Height 610mm 
  • Planking: Double
  • Part No: C9001

The Cruiser class were brig rigged sloops and were the most numerous class of warships built in the age of sail.

One hundred and three built in all from the Cruiser in 1797, to the Zebra in 1815.

The Cruiser class played a very active roll in the Napoleonic wars, from escort duty, reconnaissance and enemy convoy and inshore raiding.

As originally built, Cruiser had eighteen 6 pounder carriage guns but the ordnance was soon to change to sixteen 32 pounder carronades and two 6 pounder carriage guns.

Class dimensions were: Length 100’; Breadth 30’6”; Displacement 382 tons with a crew of 121.

Hobbies Boat Modelling Tool Set Includes:

  • Plank Bending Tool with Blade
  • 2 x 50mm Nylon Grip Clamps
  • 2 x 75mm Nylon Grip Clamps
  • Pen Grip Pin Pusher
  • Brass Pins for Pin Pusher (Pack of 100)