Airfix Seafire MkXVII

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Airfix Seafire MkXVII (A06102)
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Airfix Seafire MkXVII

Scale: 1:48

The Mk XVII was the first of the Seafire variants to feature a cut-down rear fuselage and distinctive drop-style canopy, distinguishing it from previous marks of Seafire.  Due to reinforcements in the wings, a heavier weapon load was also able to be carried, with both fuel tanks and rockets becoming an option for under the wings.  The Mk XVII also benefitted from a reinforced main undercarriage.  This went some way towards taming the deck behaviour of the Mk XV, reducing the likelyhood of the propeller tips hitting the deck during an arrested landing.

Flying on frontline duties until the early 1950s, it was then relegated to training roles.