Star Wars Model Kit Deal Metal Earth

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Star Wars Model Kit Deal Metal Earth (STAR4)
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This Set Includes:

  • X-wing Fighter
  • R2-D2
  • AT-AT Walker
  • Millennium Falcon

The Fascinations 3D Laser Cut Models different from any model you are used to building.
This model features amazingly detailed laser etching and is laser cut from a 4" square metal sheet.

Being made of shiny metal gives this model a really cool look.

Thess are highly-detailed 3D models from the Star Wars movie series. Officially licensed by LucasFilm.

Fascinations 3D Metal Models are Easy To Assemble, Simply pop out the pieces by hand or with the aid of wire cutters, then bend tabs to connect at the attachment points.

Simple to follow instructions included.


Why not display one or two of your models on the new Metal Earth White LED base (sold seperately)

The white light reflects off the metallic surface of the model and looks stunning !

white led base

Alternatively, the Solar powered Spinner Turn Table Display Stand (sold seperately) uses power from the sun to gently turn, showing off a model from every angle.

solar spinner