St Tiggywinkles Church for Hibernating Hedgehogs

30 January 2014 by

The St. Tiggywinkles Church is a hedgehog haven, hibernation shelter for wildlife, as well as making a wonderful garden display.

It was especially designed for the St.Tiggywinkles Trusts' Visitors Centre.

St.Tiggywinkles Church

The St. Tiggywinkles Church has a fascinating origin. The design began with a telephone call from Les Stocker M.B.E. the founder of St.Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital Trust at Haddenham, Aylesbury.

His enquiry was regarding a model of a church. We had nothing suitable, which prompted us to set that to rights, our designers took Mr Stockers concept and produced this fine English church.

In honour of the idea and this collaboration, St.Tiggywinkles Church has been designed with a dual purpose, firstly as a garden ornament, but with the added feature of hibernation home for one of the United Kingdom's favourite wildlife creatures, the delightful and much loved hedgehog.

The prototype model turned out so well that Les Stocker invited us to display it at his new visitors centre at the Wild Life Hospital Trust, where for the foreseeable future it will be an important part of the centres display

The plan pack includes full-size drawings of the detailed parts with complete instructions for assembly.

The wood pack includes all the wood panels and other materials, plus sundries for the construction of the model.

The impressive model of St. Tiggywinkles Church in the photo below was made by Ken Nelms from Ferragudo and is now proudly on display in the Algarve as reported in The Portugal News Online.

St.Tiggywinkles Church in the Algarve