Cast yourself into the far future and prepare for battle with our Warhammer models and kits!
Welcome to the Hobbies Warhammer section. Here you will find everything you need to build, paint and collect intricate Citadel miniatures – of different species and creeds – and pit them against each other in epic tabletop battles like no other. With our paints and brushes, tools and accessories, and rulebooks and codexes, vibrantly bring to life your armies and start your own conquest of the galaxy.

Results: 1 - 32 (of 79)

Results: 1 - 32 (of 79)

If you’re new to Warhammer and keen to explore its expansive world, visit our getting started section in which we stock starter sets, rule books and paint sets. Starter sets include a variety of miniatures of different ranks or values, along with manuals, gaming mats, range rules and dice, datasheets and everything else you need to charge into your first Warhammer battle.

For more experienced Warhammer tacticians, we carry a number of wargames including Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl and Underworlds. Or browse our Warhammer 40,000 section and refine your search by army to expand your collection.

We also carry high quality tools and accessories like Citadel tape measures, dice, fine detail cutters, figure cases and more. Our paints and brushes section includes colours of every shade and brushes of different bases for you to intricately layer and detail your miniatures. And check out our rulebooks and codexes for gorgeous artwork, rich background information, and reference sheets for new missions.