Dovecote Easy-To-Build Plans and Materials

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A Hobbies best selling plan. Introduced by popular demand.

Apart from the fascination of doves, a well made dovecote is an attractive asset to any garden, lending an air of distinction and arousing interest from visitors.

Our design is based on a hexagon with enough nesting compartments for six pairs of doves, three pairs on each of the two floors.

The design is of MDF construction, sealed to make it weatherproof.

The plan includes clear instructions for easy construction and assembly.


Height approx 915mm Width across faces approx 480mm.

The Wood pack includes the main raw panels, dowels and other sundries, including post fixing brackets.

PLEASE NOTE - This design is NOT a KIT of pre-cut parts, you will need the plan to build it.

Dovecote Plans

Introducing Doves to their home:

You will need to confine newly introduced doves within the dovecote for at least 3 weeks. This can be done by draping a strawberry net over the dovecote and down to the ground to provide a funnel of enclosed space large enough to allow them to fly from two compartments down to the ground. In this way you can feed and water the doves conveniently; after 3 weeks they should regard their new surroundings as home and the net can be removed.

They will usually fly away for a few hours, or perhaps even a day or so, before returning to take up permanent residence.

Care and maintenance

The dovecote should be mucked out at least once a year. Paint the flat surfaces regularly and redecorate the whole dovecote as required.