wood carving and whittling

Hobbies has proudly supplied both novice and professional model makers since 1895. Since this time, Hobbies has hugely grown and improved its range of stock, bringing its customers the best quality and range available on the modelling and crafts market.

Hobbies are able to offer a large variety of wood work supplies, such as wood carving tools, wood carving books, whittling tools and whittling books. So, whether you’re a woodwork amateur or a highly skilled professional, you can reply on Hobbies to stock exactly what you need for your next project.

You can easily browse our woodwork and whittling products on our website by brand or supply type, and can order your item(s) to be conveniently delivered to your door! However, if you need any advice before you purchase, or just want to see what Hobbies has to offer in person, feel free to drop by our store in Raveningham, where a member of our friendly team will be happy to talk through the options available.