Work Braces That Reflect Your Style

17 July 2015 by

Strutt your stuff and support the load with quality braces which are designed for the job and look super cool, just like builder superstar Tommy Walsh


We've got braces for whatever trade you are in, whether it be a Decorator, Mechanic, Plumber, Electrician or Pirate.

There's also braces for trout fishermanpetrol heads, Irish themes or Gothic

This is a small selection, but see our full range of braces here

work braces

They have good wide straps, leather cross over and extra strong clips, and if you attach them to a tool pouch or work apron, the load is taken off the wearer's hips, making work a much more comfortable experience.

All of our braces simply excel at the most important job, for simply keeping up one's trousers

So treat yourself, or maybe you need a gift for Dad and Grandad.

There's a style to suit everyone !