Timber Kits - Magical Mechanical Models to Build - also makes a Great Christmas Gift !!

14 October 2013 by

Timberkits are mechanical models made of wood and sold in kit form. Put them together, turn the handle and see them work. There is a great range of themes and and skill levels to suit everyone. Timberkits are creative, fun and educationalIt is an art form in which you can appreciate the magic of mechanical action and gives a fascinating education and hobby for children and adults of all ages.

In these safety conscious electronic times most of the mechanisms we depend on are well hidden so we never get to see how things work. Take a look at the building blocks of our mechanical world. Assemble the wooden cams, push rods, levers and cranks and understand what makes it tick. After you have made the model you can paintvarnish or customise it in your own personal way then try another!Start your own Band!! | |

The Double Bass player rocks back and fourth, tapping his right foot, sliding his left hand up and down the Double Bass' neck and plucking the strings with his right hand. His head bobs in time with the music.

The Drummer looks simply amazing. With a full kit of drums and operating cymbal. One foot working the `top hat`, while producing a syncopated `rhythm` on the snare drum.

The Guitarist leans forward and bends at the knee while both arms move to play the guitar. Operated by two cams.

To complete your set we offer a moving mechanical model of a Classical Pianist, playing the piano, anda Clarinet Player who sways from side to side as he beats time with his foot, whilst arching his other foot in and out to the rhythm. 

Making a Timberkit is to step into the whole world of Automata and Mechanical Toys, with ingenious moving models and scenes.

Amaze your friends! No special knowledge or skills needed, just a little time and patience to follow the instructions.


Timberkits span ages from 7 upwards with designs of varying complexity and a wide range of themes to suit all interests and make excellent gifts for all occasions.

Enjoy the warmth of the natural wood, sourced from sustainable forestry and fully machined with no further need for specialist tools.

If your arm gets tired you can even motorise your model with our universal battery kit