STRIPWORK - The Young Inventors Hobby

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The following article appeared in the Hobbies Catalogue 1917 which was priced at sixpence:


Models of the Famous Engineering Marvels of the World Constructed to Scale.

How does your boy use his spare time? His future depands as largely upon that as upon school training, for it is out of school hours that bad habits are formed. Place in his hand a STRIPWORK OUTFIT, which will not only provide him with spare time amusement, but will also help to form habits of accuracy and industry and develop initiative.


Stripwork adapts itself to the needs of all ages, commencing as it does with elementary models of furniture etc. and so progressing until the boy is able to reproduce models of the mechanical wonders of the world complete with working parts.

Stripwork is the measuring and cutting off and joining of prepared strips of wood to form models and articles of utility in endless variety. No better present for a boy could be secured than one of Hobbies Stripwork Outfits which will be found illustrated below.All British made tools etc.

It is the finest thing from an educational point of view that you can buy him, combining as it does the principles of Woodwork, Engineering, Mechanics, and Building Construction. It teaches him to do something to use his hands to develop his imagination and initiative; and if he has any mechanical genius it is just the thing to bring it out.

Stripwork Swing Bridge

Stripwork Swing Bridge

Stripwork is a fascinating pastime, unique in educational possibilities and stimulating to a degree ones constructive powers. Everything that is possible in Engineering can be reproduced in Stripwork model making.

Stripwork Model of Travelling Jib Crane

Stripwork Model of Travelling Jib Crane

Strip-Work for Model Railway Construction


Hobbies No.1 Strip-Work Outfit


This complete Outfit is attractively made up in a strong, handsome Box with hinged lid. The Tools are held in place by Hobbies Patent Permanent Steel Clips, in order that each tool may be replaced when not in use.

The No.1 Outfit contains:-

Special Cutting Board (with Length Gauge)

Special Tenon Saw 

Special Hammer

Special Square

Special Awl

Special Nails

25 ft Strips and Hobbies 32 page Handbook of instructions, and a Selection of full sized working Drawings.

Price 5/-            Post Free 5/8