Muckleburgh Military Display Weekend - Working Tanks & Military Vehicles & More

30 May 2014 by Rod Carruthers
We know it's short notice, but if you're stuck for something to do this weekend, this has got to be the event of the year so far. The Muckleburgh Military Collection is amazing to visit at any time, but this weekend there is an incredible series of events, re-enactments, displays, tank drives, Military Vehicle Drives, RAF & Army Displays, Model Vehicles , and so much more. See the website for further details: Truly a Great Day Out for All the Family The Muckleburgh Collection is the UK's largest privately owned working Military Collection with 25 Tanks all in working order.
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The Vikings are Coming !!!

22 May 2014 by Rod Carruthers
Latest stock to our shop at Raveningham Norfolk is the 'Gokstad' 9th Century Viking Ship by Emhar. The kit is a 1/72 Scale model of the Gokstad Viking Ship on display in the Viking ship museum in Oslo The Gokstad ship was built in about 850, at the height of the Viking period. There was a need for ships that could serve many purposes and the Gokstad ship could have been used for voyages of exploration, trade and Viking raids. The ship could be both sailed and rowed. There are 16 oar holes on each side of the ship. With oarsmen, steersman and lookout, that would have meant a crew of 34. There is no sign of thwarts. The oarsmen probably sat on chests, which could also have held personal equipment. The ship is made of oak and is clinker-built, with 16 rows of strakes. The nine strakes below the waterline are only two to three centimetres thick, making the sides both light and flexible. The keel is made of one straight piece of oak. The deck consists of pine planks that can be easily lifted, so that the crew could easily bale out water if needed. This also gave...
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Airfix Model World - Europe's Best Selling Modelling Magazine

16 May 2014 by Rod Carruthers
We were delighted to see in the June 2014 Issue 43 of Airfix Model World magazine that one of our best-selling models, the Pegasus Hobbies Nautilus has been treated to an outstanding 'Advanced Build' review. In fact 7 pages of gorgeous photos and inspiring instruction of this beautiful piece of Victorian-era science fiction. Other features include builds of the Lynx HAS.3 ICE helicopter, L-39 Albatros plane and C-47 Skytrain. Another piece that caught our eye was a Normandy landings diorama featuring an exclusive build of Airfix's new 1:72 scale Willys Jeep and LCVP landing craft. We were impressed by the instruction for using balsa wood and cork matting to build the beach setting, and Deluxe Materials products ' Making Waves ' and ' Solid Water ' to produce lifelike sea that the landing craft is emerging from. Simply a brilliant tutorial that modellers will surely be inspired by . Its also accompanied by an enjoyable and informative historical feature on the D-Day landings featuring dramatic photos of the day.
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