High Performance and Competition Radio Control Yachts

25 August 2016 by

Our brand new range of Joysway RTR and ARTR radio control yachts are quite simply stunning and won't break the bank. Using the latest 2.4 GHz technology these durable boats can really perform, and with them being RTR they will be on the water and ready to sail within 30 minutes of purchasing.

The introductory level Joysway Caribbean RTR Yacht offers hugh levels of fun. Don't be fooled by its mast height of only 320mm, this is no toy! It is capable of excellent handling in all but the roughest waters.

joysway caribbean yacht

Next up, the Joysway Dragon Force 65 has been developed to introduce an affordable competition yacht to the RC market.

It has an ABS hull, profiled aluminium fin and moulded plastic rudder.

Sleek lines and competition-developed sails make the Dragon Force perform and be competitive against yachts that are 10 times the price!


For those after something a little different, the Joysway Force2 60 catamaran not only looks stunning but it really performs too by using technology developed from the Dragon Force yacht.

Two mainsails are included, one for standard use and the other for use in high winds. 


Top of the range, we have the Joysway Dragon Flite 95 ARTR R/C High Performance Racing Sailboat which has been developed with very latest radio sailing design concepts, construction, and components for a first class radio sailing experience, right out of the box!

Length of 955mm and an overall height of 1425mm.

Everything needed to sail is included in the kit, all you need to do is add batteries and go sail for a first class radio sailing experience, right out of the box!