Great Yarmouth's outstanding Time & Tide Museum presents the amazing 'Super Models' exhibition

15 April 2014 by
The Time & Tide museum is one of Norfolk’s real treasures, and offers the best introduction you’ll find to the fascinating and historic town of Great Yarmouth.
Set in a beautifully preserved Victorian curing works, Time & Tide tells the story of Great Yarmouth from its Ice Age origins to the present day.  Discover the town's rich maritime heritage and its development as a popular seaside resort. Hear gripping tales of wreck and rescue and meet colourful characters who made their living from the sea. 
time & tide
This dynamic and family-friendly museum places fascinating archive films alongside recreations of local cottages, a noisy 1950s fish wharf and the charming shops of a 1913 ‘Row’.  The highlight is the unforgettable chance to step inside one of the towering original smokehouses, where the smell of smoked fish still lingers. 

time and tide 2

The museum regularly updates exhibitions and the latest one called 'Super Models' is a real winner, featuring characters from the movie 'One Million Years B.C.' and 'Wallace & Gromit - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit'.

time and tide 3

This model of a Fisherman's Cottage was made by Norfolk model maker Joseph  'Darby' Evans. He often used recycled materials in his work. The cottage was made from salvaged wood that he helped to construct while working as a pile-drive foreman

time and tide 4

A hand-made 'Merry-go-round' carousel takes pride of place in the centre of the exhibition


The Aardman animations display within the exhibition is bound to be a favourite with visitors, who will instantly recognise characters and models from the Wallace & Gromit film  wallace and gromit

Trains & planes have been a source of fascination for model makers since their earliest beginnings. Early plane models were usually made with balsa wood frames covered in lacquered tissue paper, which can still be purchased from Hobbies.

balsa wood plane

The Merrivale Model Village opened on Great Yarmouth seafront in early 1961 and remains one of the areas best-loved visitor attractions. 


This model of the <Great Yarmouth Vauxhall Bridge was created using 3D modelling software and a laser cutter. 

Bridge This is but a small selection of the models and displays that can be seen in the 'Super Models' exhibition, providing an educational experience and a fun day out for all the family.