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The Armstrong Whitworth Whitley was a Royal Air Force medium bomber developed in the 1930s that participated in the first bombing raid on German territory during the Second World War. Although widely used until 1945, the Whitley was unpopular with its crews and effectively obsolete when the war began. Nonetheless, Whitleys continued to fly bombing missions until 1942, with 269 lost in action out of 8,996 sorties. The Whitley had a maximum speed of 200 knots and a range of 1,650 miles, and was armed with five .303 machine guns as well as up to 7,000lbs of bombs.

When building this kit, make sure to use a sharp knife and good glue, and make sure you've got a supply of dowl on hand. To download these plans, simply right-click on the image below and click 'Save Image As' then print the image onto A3 or A4 paper, depending on the scale you prefer.