Forces of Valor - Die Cast Models with Attitude

6 December 2013 by


Hobbies are pleased to introduce Forces of Valor. A range of Real World Battle Hardened Machines. whose logo is 'Tons of Steel with Tons of Detail'. This impressive range includes die cast tanks, ships, airplanes, helicopters, trucks, jeeps & soldiers are the ultimate grown-ups toys. 

Many adults can recall playing soldiers and war games as children, and this will bring back some great memories of those days, albeit with super tough metal, incredibly detailed replica models that can be purchased singly, or buy several to create superb dioramas and displays


Our North American B-25 Mitchell bomber is an incredibe model of the twin-engine plane used in World War II. It was named in honor of General Billy Mitchell who was a pioneer of US military aviation. It has hand-applied weathering that highlights access panels and surface details bringing great realism to this model.




 The German Panther AUSF.G is an incredible 1:35 scale detailed replica model constructed of both die cast metal and plastic. With moveable parts such as opening hatches, elevating barrels, tracks that roll and a rotating turret, as well as working treads, accurate markings and insignias this is a model that will impress.