Exciting New Products Coming Soon to Hobbies

20 April 2015 by

Here is just a small taster of some of the latest and new products coming soon to Hobbies. 

We will add links and dates as they become available.

 Battle for Berlin

6112 Italeri BATTLE OF BERLIN Diorama Set

Scale: 1:72

The Battle of Berlin was the last historical military event of World War II on the European theater. From the middle of April 1945 the Red Army launched a massive offensive along the Oder River line with the final goal to capture the German capital. The battle ended on May 2nd, after intense and fierce fighting in the ruins of the capital of the Reich, ending with the surrender of German troops

Diorama set comprises: Berlin House (51 pieces) & Decals Sheet,2 x T-34/85, Pz.Kpfw.PANTHER Aufs.G Tank, PAK 40 AT gun with crew, 32 German elite troops, 32 Russian infantry, and 96 piece Urban Accessories.


mefistofele model

4701 Italeri Mefistofele 21706cc

Scale: 1:12

Skill Level: Advanced

Length: 450mm

The one-off racing car "Eldridge", derived from the old Fiat SB4 chassis, became known as Mephistofele for the infernal noise emitted by its powerful aircraft 6-cylinders in-line engine.

This model, which is unique in terms of technology & accuracy, consists of over

500 pieces to be assembled partially with screws. The bonnet opens to view the highly detailed engine and it has working steering.

 soviet battleship marat

Zvezda Soviet Battleship Marat

Scale: 1:350

Length: 527mm

Marat was sunk by German Stukas off Kronshtadt on the 23rd September 1939. But the ship was in shallow water and was raised and was used as a floating Battery.

 battle of the bulge

6103 Italeri Battle Of The Bulge Diorama Set

Scale: 1:72

Skill Level: Intermediate

Diorama Base measures: 460x330mm

The Battle of the Bulge (December 1944–January 1945) was a major German offensive campaign launched through the densely forested Ardennes region of Wallonia in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg on the Western Front toward the end of World War II

The Italeri model kit Includes 50 x German, 50 x Americans, 1 x King Tiger Sd.Kfz.182, 1 x Sherman, plus numerous accessories such as telegraph poles, road signs, sandbags and diorama base.


4702 Italeri Fiat 806 1927 Grand Prix

Scale: 1:12

Skill Level: Advanced

Length:  ?

The Fiat 806 was the worlds first single seater Grand Prix car, driven by Bordino. Racing in the 1927 Grand Prix in atrocious conditions, he easily beat the greatest drivers of his day. After winning its first and only race, the 806 was withdrawn by Fiat and destroyed. Fiat never raced again.


3894 Italeri Peterbilt 378-119 Classic

Scale: 1:24

Skill Level: Advanced

Length: 322mm

The Peterbilt Motor Company, founded in 1939, is among the most famous American company in the world for the production of medium and heavy trucks. Produced from 1987 to 2007 the Peterbilt 378-119 Classic embodies the "concept" of the classic American truck with the big hood and the important use of chrome exterior. Model comes with upgraded moulds.