Dynamo Defies Gravity on a London Double Decker Bus

24 January 2013 by
He ' walked on water' on the River Thames in 2011, and yesterday, Shoppers and tourists alike were once again left open-mouthed in London as the Master of the Impossible, Magician Dynamo performed his latest stunt, levitating alongside a London Routemaster Double Decker Bus, with his right hand touching the bus and his legs dangling in mid-air.

Passing by the Houses of Parliament, bystanders, London Taxi drivers and even passengers on the No.543 bus could barely believe their eyes.

"The reaction of the public as I was travelling was incredible. It was great to see so many people taking in the excitement," said the Yorkshire-born conjurer. 
Dynamo's new TV series, sponsored by Pepsi Max, starts July 11th on Watch.