Don't get your Niquas in a twist!

20 February 2014 by

Hobbies has long been associated with Fretsaws from its humble beginnings in 1887 selling treadle fretsaws and lathes to the present day electrical fretsaw and scrollsaw machines.


Todays Fretsaws & Scrollsaws are easy to use and produce incredible results in a short time. Modern machines incorporate special enhancements and safety features such as quick release blade clamps, hold-down arms, lights and magnifiers etc.

Some machines take pin-end blades, some take pinless blades and a small selection will accept both types.

A great idea of 'what to buy' and 'projects to make' can be found in the book Success with Scrollsaws

Success with Scrollsaws

In our opinion, Niqua fretsaw pin-less blades are amongst the best on the market. They are strong, sharp and long-lasting. They measure 130mm long to fit handframes, treadle fretsaws and power-driven fret machines and scrollsaws. Great for cutting wood, hardboard, plastic and most other materials.

Niqua Scroll Saw / Fretsaw Blades Guide
00F0027 TPI for fine overlay work
0F026 TPI for fine overlay work
1F125 TPI for 1/8" (3mm) wood
2F220 TPI for 3/16" (4.5mm) wood
3M319 TPI for 1/4" (6mm) wood
4M418 TPI for 3/8" (9mm) wood
5M517 TPI for 1/2" (12mm) wood
6M616 TPI for multiple thicknesses
7H715 TPI for multiple thicknesses
9H913 TPI for multiple thicknesses
10EH1012 TPI for 1/2" (12mm) wood
11EH1110 TPI for 1/2" (12mm) wood