Create Your Perfect Workspace With Hobbies New Modular Workshop System

22 October 2015 by

Hobbyzone Modular Workshop System Now it is possible to create your ideal work space with Hobbies fantastic new Hobbyzone modular workshop system.

Modules connect together ingeniously using magnets which are supplied. 

This also allows you to change configuration easily whenever you want !

Modules include units for brushes & tools; paper towels, paints of various bottle sizes, drawer units, corner units and much more.

hobbyzone                 hobbyzone

hobbyzne                      hobbyzone

Enjoy choosing the modules that are most useful to you, and then work out how you want to arrange them, utilising your workspace fully.

All paints and tools will be on display and easily found, allowing you to concentrate on your crafts and models, making you even more productive.

Hobbyzone Modular Workshop System