Hobbyzone Brushes and Tools Workshop Module 30cm x 15cm

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OM7A Brushes and Tools Module (HZ-OM7)
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OM7B Brushes and Tools Module (HZ-OM7B)
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The Brushes and Tools Module has a lot of holes in different sizes for tools. It also has a built-in roller for hanging pincers, pliers, clamps, etc..

Dimensions: 30cm x 15cm x 15 cm

Main features:

  • 10 x holes of 14 mm
  • 26 x holes of 10 mm
  • 81 x holes of 8 mm
  • 14 x holes of  3 mm
  • Roller for hanging pincers, pliers, clamps, etc.
  • Longitudinal recess for various tools

Please Note: 

The set consists of perfectly fitted parts and assembly instructions. Wood glue will be needed for assembly (not supplied).

The Module does not include any of the accessories shown in the photos



 Hobbyzone Modular Workshop System

Buy further modules to create your perfect workspace !


The Hobbyzone Modular Workshop System allows organization of the workplace tailored to your individual requirements.

To connect the modules simply use the magnets that are included. Thanks to this solution, you can rearrange the layout of modules to suit current needs.

The system has practically unlimited upgradeability, and you can add new modules easily to your workplace as and when required.

An example layout is shown below, but you only need buy the modules that you want to suit your space.