Proxxon Soldering Iron EL12 12V DC

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Proxxon Soldering Iron EL12 12V DC (28140)
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Proxxon Ng 2/e Power Adaptor (28707)
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Proxxon Soldering iron EL 12

Heating time approx. 10 sec, with ready access to on/off switch, lockable in the "on" position. PTC technology ensures exact tip temperature of 310°C, preventing damage to sensitive electronic components such as transistors and ICs, while minimising possibility of generating noxious gases from the solder/flux. Light for illuminating working area. Operates off 12 - 14V DC, including standard power supplies, rated at 1A or more. Complete with spiral cable and standard MICROMOT jack plug.
Requires Proxxon Micromot Mains Adaptor (Ref. 28707 or 28704).