Charnwood Mini Lathe CHW815

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Charnwood Mini Lathe (CHW815)
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Proxxon 5 Piece Mini Hss Turning Chisel Set (27023)
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Charnwood 3 Jaw Chuck (CHW810)
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charnwood mini lathe & 3 jaw chuck package (W815P)
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Charnwood Drill Chuck 13mm No.1 Morse Taper (DC13MT1)
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Charnwood Mini Lathe CHW815

A high quality mini woodworking lathe ideal for the production of smaller pieces or where the workshop size does not allow for a longer bed.

The bed, headstock and tailstock are all constructed from cast iron to give vibration free running but the compact size means the weight is still manageable and the lathe can be removed from the bench when not in use.

Electronic variable speed control allows the ideal speed to be quickly selected for jobs of any diameter.

Supplied with drive and tail centres 1MT, 150mm toolrest with 5/8" shank, 75mm diameter faceplate. Spindle thread 1" x 8 TPI.

330mm between centres and maximum tuning diameter 200mm.

Package Deal W815P

Buy the Charnwood 815 Lathe and 810 3 Jaw Chuck together for just £229 and save £29


CHW810 2'' Diameter, 3 Jaw, Lever Scroll Chuck

A light weight, low cost, mini lathe chuck ideal for lathes with smaller motors.

Fitted with 3 jaws, which are stepped on the outside, to give a powerful grip on smaller work pieces. The jaws are adjusted using two levers, which are supplied as standard.

The jaws on this chuck are reversible to futher expand the range of pieces it can hold. When the jaws are reversed the steps are on the inside.

The chuck fits directly onto 1" x 8tpi thread.


DC13MT1 Drill Chuck 13mm Capacity, MT1

Woodturners drill chuck.

13mm diameter drilling capacity, with No.1 Morse taper (MT1) fitting.
Supplied with chuck key.


Proxxon 5 Piece HSS Mini Chisel Set 27023

Highest quality set with the most frequently used chisels, spindle gouge, square end and round end scrapers, skew chisel & parting tool.

Neatly packed in a wooden box.

Key Features
•Proxxon miniature HSS turning tool set
•Spindle gouge (3mm), square end and round end scrapers (6.5mm)
•Skew chisel (6.5mm) & parting tool (2.3mm)
•Sturdy wooden storage box


For the woodturners that like to work in miniature, this set of tools will be a real asset.

A range of quality HSS tools are included in this boxed set and the following tools are included: 3mm spindle gouge, 6.5mm square end and round end scrapers, 6.5mm skew chisel & a parting tool with a blade width of 2.3mm. Overall length 190mm. Handle length 122mm