NT Sanding Plate Tools

150x24mm Sanding Plate (504015)
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150x50mm Sanding Plate (504016)
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NT Sanding Plate Tools

Not just another sanding tool, this offers a long life and multi direction cutting ideal for all modelling jobs

  • Cuts in all directions, very long life
  • Steel sheet embossed to form abrasive surface
  • Excellent for smoothing wood, fibreglass etc. 
  • Resists clogging, wire brush quickly renews effectiveness
  • Strong cast alloy handles
  • Rectangular 150 x 50mm or 150 x 24mm
  • All supplied with medium grade plate
  • Made in Japan

NT Sanding Plate made by the NT Cutter company in Japan. It is almost identical to a similar product, marketed a few years ago by a well known Scandinavian company.

Sanding Plate is a steel sheet with a specially embossed pattern that forms an abrasive surface. It cuts in all directions and has a very long life. Sanding Plate lasts many times longer than paper-backed abrasive and is reuseable hundreds of times. It is excellent for smoothing wood, fibreglass, plastics, sculpting, model building and many other uses. It resists clogging; if debris accumulates on the cutting surface, a wire brush quickly renews your Sanding Plate’s effectiveness. The plates fix to a handle with screws making changing to a different grade easy. Strong cast alloy handles. Rectangular 150 x 50mm or 150 x 24mm detail plate. All supplied with a medium grade plate.