Kunz Bull Nose Rebate Plane

Kunz Bull Nose Rebate Plane (KUN014)
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This plane has open sides, its flush iron trims rabbets on window stools, shaves jamb stops on doors and aligns flats on scarf joints.

It fits in a tool pouch so you dont have to climb down the ladder or make yet another trip to the saw.

The body and iron cap are made from fine grey-cast which is stress relieved and epoxy coated, the sole is then ground flat.

The iron is produced from optimum quality tool steel and hardened to approximatly 62 Rockwell HRC.

The plane iron is suplied sharpened but we would highly recommend you hone it prior to use, lapping the sole on 320g Wet and Dry abrasive paper on a flat surface i.e a piece of float glass will also take the plane to another level.