Spraycraft Multi-Purpose Airbrush Kit

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Multi-purpose Airbrush Kit (SP50K)
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Airbrush Characteristics:

  • Fluid control knob for easy adjustment.
  • Exceptional atomisation & accurate spray control.
  • Sprays light to heavy viscosity media.


  • Dual Action (press down for air and back for paint).
  • Internal mix.
  • Spray pattern approx. 1.6 - 38mm.

Airbrush Kit Includes:

SP50 Airbrush, 2 paint jars, regulator adaptor for air propellant, 300ml air propellant and cleaner.

Applications include:

  • Automotive custom & touch up, Model, Craft, Hobby & DIY
  • Illustrating, Stencilling, Cake decorating, Fine Scale modelling, Fabric painting & T-Shirts, Graphic arts
  • Toy & Sign painting, Ceramics, Tanning, Taxidermy, Leather work, Lacquering

Spraycraft Multi-Purpose Airbrush Kit

A dual action internal mix airbrush, ideal for both fine detail work and rapid overall coverage

For use with most paints, acrylics and enamels.

** Flammable items will have to be sent using a courier. Please note surcharge areas may incur an extra charge see Postage