Large Compressor with Tank

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Large Compressor with Tank (BA309)
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Large Compressor with Tank

Compressor Details:

  • This top of the range oil free Compressor.
  • Piston type with air cylinder.
  • It’s very quiet and can be used indoors quite easily, it works well with all airbrushes, comes with 1/8th outlet and with air regulator/ water trap.
  • This compressor has automatic cut off.
  • 3ltr tank, max pressure 57psi.
  • Ideal for modellers
  • Length of compressor approx 300mm (12") 
  • Oil-less piston compressor.


  • Full availability of spares from manufacturer.
  • Adjustable working pressure from 5 to 60 PSI.
  • Quiet operation (47 db) & silient standby.
  • Large air reservoir.
  • Mains operation.